“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14)

The WORLD EVANGELISM MISSION – WORLDEM – is the result from God’s call to pastor Carlos José de Melo in May of 1999, when through a vision he saw the North from India on fire and all fire reach the World.

In his first travel to India, pastor Carlos, met a young Brazilian missionary (named Gesiel Gomes) whom loves Mission and he told to pastor Carlos about our brothers in India that were ready to being sent to all World.

Impressed with the spiritual darkness in India, a lot of people without hearing the Gospel, the poorness, the Holy Spirit asked pastor Carlos: how will confirm Mathew 24:14 if we keep doing in the same way?

So, what we have to do? God answered: go back to Brazil and ask for help. Good keep saying: I, the Lord, will rise a strong army and my Word will be preached for all the World.

After asked to the God’s Spirit how this could be doing, because the less experience and no resources, God told him that He’ll uses great leaders and serves, with the right method, and all people will work to the Kingdom.

The World Evangelism Mission started in this way, only with the God’s Word, and today it’s support tool to all missionaries and churches which have the vision to preach the Gospel.

Our focus is to reach the unreached, helping those whom are going to the Hell, without God, without peace and without Salvation.

Our target is help pastors and missionaries around World, giving them tools to preach the Gospel to their own people.

Our slogan is Reaching People, Changing lives.

We have a target, a vision and a mission: share the Gospel to the whole World.

We understand that this is what God wants: every men, everywhere, come to meet Jesus and, through Him, reunite with God. In this way, which World’s running, the believers have three choices: watch, run away or act.

Are you going to watch people dying without Salvation? Are you going to run away from your compromise  to share the Gospel with them? Or are you going, from now, act to share the Gospel with all people?

Billions of people are waiting for you! Join us!