pastor-carlos-escrevendoWhen a convention, ministry, pastor or church, when each believer understands that share the Gospel (missions) is the priority of God to His people; when understands that missions work isn’t anymore an option, but the only option; understands that this is what God wants for each one; understands that this is our task. So, after that, the most glorious, the most perfect,  the most rich and strong of anointment source, can fall down to the Earth.

When a Missions Department and the missionaries of our churches aren’t anymore only a piece, but the main piece – where all prayers , energy and actions goes to -, after that everything increases to the God’s people – whom has the happiness to being part of a big team from God’s Kingdom.

Accord to Matthew 24:14, Mark 13:10, Revelations 5:9 and Revelations 7:9, God has been saying to us reach the unreached with the Gospel; after that “the end” will come. The main signals already happened, only remains the church do their part and will happen in soon. In 1996 were 2.4 billions of people that have never listened the name “Jesus”; in 2002 this number (even after population increases) dropped to  1.6 billions of unreached – in 6 years we reached about 900 millions of lives. Jesus in soon will come, but until there, let the same fire, which was on Jesus’s souls (of Peter, of Paul and of all other apostles), burn in your heart.

Let us keep going, always remembering that God said that He’ll give us “every place where you set your foot” (Joshua 1:3). Let share the Gospel to our house, our street, our city, everywhere. Doing what is at Acts 1:8: “in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”, at same time, everywhere.

In Holy Spirit’s power, we’ll do great things to the God’s Kingdom. Can’t you go to far lands? So share the Gospel to your neighborhood, to your city, help and pray to your brothers whom are in those far lands. If, in those lands, we have a brother (that was born there), salved, culturally identified, ready to share te Gospel, ready to open up churches, ready to do discipleship, invest in it will be our project, our vision, and it is the God’s vision – because we have to reach the whole Earth with the Gospel (Romans 15:20).

Our Brazilian brothers will be the supervisors of this lands, they’ll give all support. It is cheap, fast and safe.

God has blessed us with this vision and we want to share with all churches from Earth. A project of sponsorship, mutual help, transparence and actions.

Your church has a project? We want to help you in this project. Contact us and together we will share the Gospel with all people, in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Carlos José de Melo
WORLDEM’s president