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New projects

América do Norte


As God did in Europe, the Worldem wanna also have, in soon, a missionary headquarter in Miami (United States) and Toronto (Canada). Please pray for this project and if you can help, contact us.

Human anti-traffic


The Indian Government, on June 10th of 2005, issued the permission for the Shelter House acting to rescue girls from the Human Traffic in India.

Join us

The World Evangelism Mission (Worldem) is a missionary organization with it’s headquarter located at Pirassununga (state of São Paulo, Brazil).

Together we fulfill the Jesus commandment: “Go to the ends of earth”. Our propose is to reach, mainly, the unreached, helping them to be free of Hell, withoutGod, without peace and without Salvation.

Actually we’re already in Asia, Middle East, South America, Central America, North America and Europe and we pretend to expand to poor places giving hope to them. Join us and come, together, share the Gospel to the World!

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